What if you could see the unlimited possibilities
of your future?

The Prophetic Matrix™ arrives at a pivotal point in history, establishing a new truth revolution that will guide you into your destiny. Enter The Prophetic Matrix™ and journey into the fast-paced world of a rising young rock star as he treks through a tour de force odyssey on a chase after fleeting stardom. The author communicates with a cyber-tech, pop culture perspective, connecting his extraordinary experiences to an illuminating discovery that dramatically alters his future forever. Jump aboard for a spectacular ride that promises to transform you from the inside out. As you embark upon this captivating adventure, you’ll discover the keys that unlock the secret code to your destiny.

Michael-John Toste is an International Destiny Coach with over two decades of experience advising professionals, including athletes, celebrities, executives, and visionaries, on their journey to fulfill their destiny. Throughout his musical career he has worked alongside legendary recording artists, achieved two Billboard Top-100 hits, with performances internationally broadcast via television and radio to over 35 million viewers. Michael-John’s popular radio show, “Your Day of Destiny,” provides unconventional insight to successfully navigate through these challenging times. The Prophetic Matrix™ book trilogy launches the reader into discovering a life of unlimited possibilities to attain a new dimension of personal fulfillment.